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Jellyfish Testing

What is @defichain/jellyfish-testing?

This package introduces a centralized testing framework for the jellyfish replacing the existing @defichain/testing. All methods within @defichain/testing have thus been deprecated.

Testing is an essential part of any serious quality software developer work. This package provides many abstractions for various commonly used setup patterns for the DeFi Blockchain. This keeps your testing setup DRY for repeated tests.

This new implementation warps a container on init via Testing.create(container) extending on top of rpc and container.


Install as dev only as you don't need this in production. Please don't use this in production!

npm i defichain
npm i -D @defichain/jellyfish-testing


const container = new MasterNodeRegTestContainer()
const testing = Testing.create(container)

testing.rpc // to access JSON RPC
testing.fixture // for complex fixture setup e.g. poolpair
testing.rawtx // for rawtx setup with reasonable defaults
testing.token // for token setup with reasonable defaults
testing.poolpair // for poolpair setup with reasonable defaults
Usage within BirthdayResearch/jellyfishsdk/packages

Cyclic dependencies

@defichain/jellyfish-testing relies on other jellyfish dependencies, they are cyclic dependant. However, within this mono-repo, we don't need to declare "devDependencies" as they are mapped in tsconfig.base.json. This configuration allows any packages within jellyfish-* to rely on jellyfish-testing without causing cyclic dependencies errors.